Left vs. Right

Creating a Concept Prototype
Made during KOBA School of WickedFabrics - Advanced Course in Wicked Tailoring, Berlin, 2018.

A concept design for balancing left and right side of your body, e.g for patients after a stroke or for performers and acrobats.

Front view of the jacket prototype.
Testing the jacket: he gets a tactile feedback on the right arm when lifting his left arm.
A vibration motor on each upper arm is connected to a textile-based bend sensor in the other side's armpit.
Showing the technologies, conductive threads and the microcontroller, back view of the jacket.
This jacket is a concept prototype created during the advanced workshop of KOBA School of WickedFabrics in August 2018. The idea was to implement textile-based sensors and combine it with haptic feedback while all participants were constrained to design and craft a jacket. After the introductory days on how to design and program customized e-textile sensors, on how to create and implement a flexible circuitry, and on pattern making with integrated e-textile components, I decided for a concept design that should be feasible and ready withing the time frame left. My jacket integrates one bonded bend sensor underneath each armpit recognizing whenever the wearer moves his/her arm. Depending on the intensity and height of an arm's motion a small vibration motor on the other arm starts vibrating more or less strongly. This garment is meant to support, for instance, performance rehearsals to synchronize left and right body side of a dancer. As a more elaborated concept, it could be useful for rehabilitation training of stroke patients, people with amyosthenia, or other diseases - this surely would need more advanced research and user testing on the respective topic.
Many thanks to Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson for sharing their knowledge during this workshop, their patience with us students, and the nice learning environment!
Detail view I of my tailoring results.
Detail view II of my tailoring results.
Lab _ KOBA Electronic Textile Tailor Shop, Berlin.

Workshop _ Wicked Tailoring, August 20th - 25th, 2018

Supervision _ Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson

Concept & Fashion Design _ Michaela Honauer