29. Juni 2020


An Interactive Soft Toy
29. März 2020

DIY Face Mask

Create Your Own Anti-Corona Mask
24. Mai 2019


A Multi-interactive Dance Costume
1. November 2018

Left vs. Right

Concept Prototype for Body Balance Training
29. Dezember 2017

Hello World

An E-Textile Touch and Feel Book for Kids
29. Dezember 2017

Sea Witch

A Ballet Dancer Performing Magic through her Costume
29. Dezember 2017

Mermaids do not exist? Interactive Costumes do!

Interactive Seahorse and Jellyfish Costume for a Fairy Tale Ballet Performance
29. Dezember 2017

Dance Costumes and Sensors

Exploring DIY textile Sensors for Dance Costumes
29. Dezember 2017


An Interactive Theatre Production
29. Dezember 2017

Captain Nemo, the Diver, and an Octopus

Exploring Wearable Computing for Theatre Stages
26. Dezember 2017


Motion Tracking for Media Artists and Designers
26. Dezember 2017

Cucuma Dance Sensation

Very First Intearctive Shadow Dance Performance
25. Dezember 2017


Music Visualizaion for FullDome Projections  
25. Dezember 2017

Multi-Touch Experiments

Bulding a Multi-touch Table and Designing a Fiducial-based Application
25. Dezember 2017


Award-winning FullDome Comic Collage  
25. Dezember 2017

Dancing Lotte

Performance based on Lotte Reininger’s Silhouette Movies