Dancing Lotte

Shadow Dance Performance Project
Cucuma Festival, August 2008, 15'18 min.

Lotte Reiniger revived Prince Achmed through her silhouette animations in 1926, we re-sampled Achmed's adventures and added contemporary shadow dance around 80 years later.

This shadow dance performance is based on the silhouette animation The Adventures of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reininger. We re-used elements of her artwork for our projections and combined it with own animated 2D elements. The performers interact with the projections behind two screens, their 'live' shadows fuse with the video, and contemporary dance makes a new story up.

My part was creating the projections and managing all technical issues in the background. I worked in close collaboration with the performers and helped developing the story told. Our major challenges were that we had no proper rehearsing space, we only had a few single reherasal days, always at another place, mostly with bed sheets hanging roughly in a too small room, and the plot/choreography was only finished shortly before the opening night. I prepared the video projections simultaneously for the two screens, with respect to sound and choreography.

Premiere _ Cucuma Festival, August 23rd, 2008.

Performers _ Claudia Kühn, Nicole Exner, Kathleen Cramer, Luisa Skoberla

Music _ dOP